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RaabtaFoundation Koshish Project


Current Engagements:

Thereafter over the last several years, it has intensively conducted exclusive Motivational cum amusing Workshops in the interest of all those who are desirous of reviving and rejuvenating their professional, family and competitive lives. These workshops were intended to incite passion in personalities which were muted by the burdening pace of life. The enlivening sessions of theses workshops are intuitive stimulating the participants to unleash their inherent energies, fulfill their potential and create an intense desire for success and personal excellence. They are highly interactive, participative and action-oriented designed to infuse incredible dynamism and vigour into the participants, helping them to grow personally and professionally.

Raabta Foundation specializes in the up gradation of life skills viz. positive thinking, emotion management (for overcoming grief, sorrow, fear, frustration, boredom, anger etc.), stress management, time management, self-confidence and several other critical issues that may be identified. In collaboration with law enforcing agency namely police department, it has attempted revival of pseudo-failures especially those having criminal background and this has attracted intense media-attention. Over the past couple of years, articles adulating these achievements have regularly been published in prominent newspapers and being telecasted over several News channels. Raabta Foundation has developed content to impart values education and communication to the children from underprivileged groups Raabta Foundation Over the last few years our goal of lowering dropout rates through academic support being satisfactorily reached, we are now at the threshold of re-inventing our approach to ascend to the next level i.e holistic development of the child. Our primary focus and the core of our activities has always revolved around Values for Life which is the basis for our new intervention. We Implemented this project in private school and orphanage located in Kondhwa. We have analysed the tremendous changes in children we used e learning method to teach our modules because children like pictorial material.

Project Kalaam aims at holistic development of children by coaching them on a variety of values and developing their overall personality by empowering them with Values and life skills. One of our major thrust areas is enabling teachers with the right tools and modern teaching techniques and alternative discipline methods through a variety of 'Teachers Training 'workshops. In addition to the above, the Kalaam intervention focuses on regular 'Empowerment Workshops' for parents, school authorities and teachers as well as volunteers who are important enablers in this development process.
Project Kalaam is planned as 3 days in a week to be integrated with the school’s curriculum aided by the school authorities as well as specially appointed "Value Master" who coach the children during the week (Mon -Wed) for the students of 3rd and 4th standard. Volunteer driven workshops on Saturdays, are meant for volunteers to not only spend quality time with the students but also impart knowledge through fun experiential activities. The intervention comprises of various modules which focus on enhancing their communication and English language skills, confidence building, positive thinking, vocational and career guidance for high standard students, sports as well as variety of art and culture workshops. In addition to these modules the intervention aims at experiential learning using various interactive media such as activities, role-plays, mind map and study techniques. Our Value Master and volunteers are essential external channels who help mould the personality of these children by exposing them to a variety of fun learning practices and by teaching them to think out of the box. Our constant endeavor is to empower children with adequate knowledge and skills so that they enter the real world with confidence. We also conduct parents and teachers workshop because these are the main foundation of children’s future also health camps, Motivational Workshop, Self-analysis, Parenting, Child rights, Child Sexual abuse all other required programs for the development of parents as well as teachers.

1.Communication - (total-50 hrs)

Everyday English Soft Skills
Reading, Writing, Comprehension Non-verbal - Body language, listening, etc.
Listening and Speaking Presentation skills (appearance) Conversational skills Interpersonal skills

2.Child Rights and Protection - (total 10hrs)

  • Awareness of child rights: - Child rights and responsibility, child sexual abuse
  • Caring for the environment: - Trees, water, energy conservation, wildlife etc.
  • Safety Measures: - Obeying traffic rules, fire/ road/ safety, first aid etc.

3.Value Education and Leadership Skills (total 12 + 4 = 16hrs)

Good habits, Etiquette/ Good manners

Good Virtues
Courage Self-discipline & value for time
Integrity & truthfulness Dignity of work
Respect & Courtesy
(elders, peers, family, animals, neighbours etc.)
Patriotism & Universal love
Compassion & kindness Sportsmanship
  • Confidence building – success stories of contemporary leaders and mantras
  • Inter-personal skills
  • Moral stories and learning

4. Healthcare and Wellness (total 12 hrs)

Hygiene Nutrition Mental Health Physical Health
Personal Diet Anger management Posture Corrections, Good habits
Public Importance of balanced diet Meditation Exercise

5. Arts and Culture(total 12hrs)

Art Culture
Art Introduction to culture
Craft Unity in diversity

Future Plans and Goals:

  1. To introduce "Project Kalaam", a comprehensive, holistic program for self-development as a separate module in schools. Phase I of the program would target children in the age group 6 to 14 yrs as an experimental pilot. The pilot will help in future expanded implementation and replication of this program as a self-sustaining module.
  2. To undertake teacher training with a view to educate teachers about innovative and effective methods of classroom instruction that enhance learning and comprehension using new techniques and teaching aids.
  3. To make ‘Project Kalaam’ a self-sustaining model by empowering teachers to run the program within their school independently. To also include students up to age 16 under phase II and III of the module.
  4. To make the ‘Project Kalaam’ model easy to adapt and implement in different schools anywhere across India.
  5. To undertake teacher training with a view to educate teachers about innovative and effective methods of classroom instruction that enhance learning and comprehension using new modern techniques and teaching aids.
  6. To organize workshops and other awareness programs for children aimed to educate, empower and enthuse them to action.
  7. To broaden our outreach and spread awareness about our activities so that maximum beneficiaries are included in our sphere.