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Kondhwa, is one of the Suburbs of Pune situated in south of the city. It is a heavily populated area having larger residential area occupied by people from lower-middle to lower socioeconomic class. It has large populations of youths who were unable to pursue their education even after primary standard and also there are many who never went to school. Poverty, illiteracy and poor socioeconomic status make these youths vulnerable to indulge in socially and/or legally unacceptable activities and even one such incidence in enough to cause loss of their self respect, respect from society and community and ultimately spending rest of life either in striving to get out of it or to simply accept as it is and witness it getting worse and worst.

"Koshish: Towards Better Tomorrow" is a project designed especially for such Youths of Kondhwa (Pune) that have been deprived of education and honor because of some unusual circumstances. The project plans to enroll youths that are school/ college drop outs and/ or labeled as ‘First time Offenders’ by law and work closely with them over a period of at least one year and help them to acquire education, honor, respect and support them to overcome the barriers which keep them distant from rapidly developing mainstream.


Support under privileged youths from Kondhwa (Pune) to overcome their barriers to develop themselves as competent and responsible citizens of society.


  • To identify under privileged Youths and enroll them into the development program
  • To formulate need based curriculum for the identified youths and ensure its timely implementation
  • To evaluate the program periodically & incorporate necessary activities based on evaluation findings
  • To motivate and help youths from the project to acquire skills required to spread the knowledge learnt from the project in their peers from society
  • To monitor the youths in the community after completion of the project and support them in their activities as torch bearers (motivational trainers) to ensure continuity of the project


Duration: One Year


30 Participants Will Be Identified And Enrolled Per Batch Of The Project After Assessing Their Need And Affirming Their Willingness To Be Part Of The Project. (Additional 10 Participants Will Be Mixed With The Group From Different Educational And Better Economic Background So As To Support Learning)

Criteria For Enrollment:

Youth Satisfying Any One Of The Following Will Be Considered As Suitable Candidate:

  • Age Between 15-30 Years
  • Illiterate Or Studied Anything Less Than Graduation
  • Labeled As 'First Time Offenders' By Local Police

Curriculum For The Group Will Be Developed Based On Their Requirements. This Will Include Counseling Sessions, Lectures, Seminars, Motivational Workshops, Spiritual Sessions, Sessions On Science And Technology, Educational Tours Etc. Also Workshops For Family Members Of The Participants Will Be Conducted To Provide Better Environment At Home. Audio Visual Aids And Modern Techniques Will Be Used To Make Learning Interesting And Interactive.

Trainers / Resources:

Trainers From Relevant Expertise And Positive Attitude Towards This Kind Of Activity Will Be Approached To Impart Best Quality Sessions For The Group. Appropriate Resources Will Be Arranged As Per Planned Sessions.

Monitoring & Evaluation:

Each Activity Of The Project Will Be Monitored By Appropriate Tools Like Pre And Post Session Evaluations By Participants/ Trainers, Inputs From Experts, Feedback Forms, Interviews, Focused Group Discussions, Etc. All Sessions And Feedbacks Will Be Recorded As Videos To Document And Analyze The Activity.

Evaluation Of Data Collected In Appropriate Formats Will Be Done Periodically To Incorporate Major Findings For Improving Project Quality. End Line Evaluation Will Be Conducted After One Year.

Expected Outcome:

Under Privileged Youths From Kondhwa (Pune) Enrolled In The Project Are Provided Necessary Support To Overcome Their Barriers To Develop Themselves As Competent And Responsible Citizens Of Society And Are Motivated To Acquire Skills Required To Spread The Knowledge Learnt From The Project In Their Peers From Society. Also These Youths In The Community Are Observed After Completion Of The Project In Their Activities As Torch Bearers (Motivational Trainers) To Ensure Continuity Of The Project. Based On Findings And Learning Of The Project Similar Projects Can Be Planned In Other Similarly Affected Regions Of The City, State Or Country.